Ulan Water offers a range of services for both domestic, business and mining. We maintain a fleet of fully equipped, mine spec compliant vehicles with GPS tracking. If you would like to enquire regarding a service please feel free to contact us.

Drinking Water

Ulan Water provides its customers with a quality product. This is achieved by having modern water management facilities and quality management standards. This is complimented by having experienced and competent personnel to manage and deliver quality drinking water.

  • Approved as a Drinking Carter & Supplier with NSW Health Department
  • Approved with the NSW food Authority. Accreditation No. 93896
  • Stainless tanks, food grade compliant for drinking water deliveries
  • Water cartage capabilities from 15,000lts to 30,000lts

Mining Services

With over 15 years’ experience in mining and associated industries, Ulan Water has a fleet of mine specified water trucks and machinery which provides a range of services to the local mining and domestic industry. Our services are supported by our health, safety, environment and community management systems (HSEMS). 



  • Construction of new pads and hard stands areas
  • General earthworks for all pipelines
  • All general earthworks for new MF/RO plant infrastructure
  • General road maintenance and repairs
  • General Dust Control
  • Daily water testing and sampling for discharge
  • All weed spraying of all pipelines and infrastructure
  • Installation of all new infrastructure earthworks



  • Monthly pipeline inspection
  • Undergo pipeline repairs as required
  • General maintenance of all pipelines and pumps
  • Day and night shift monitoring
  • Water sampling
  • Discharge flow rates checks for pumps
  • Monitor all pressures and flow rates on pumps
  • Isolation of pipelines before repair
  • Refueling of various gen sets and pumps
  • Monthly inspections of Bobadeen Dam, North-West Sediment Dam, and Triple Tanks etc.
  • Daily water testing for corporate bath house/miller tanks
  • Apply chlorine to various locations
  • Daily and monthly reporting
  • All other general requirements as requested



  • General site clearing
  • Mulching of drill sites and trees
  • All sediment control
  • In-ground and above ground sumps
  • All cattle and security fencing
  • Road maintenance for access
  • Waste pumping services
  • All rehabilitation of old sites
  • Delivery of water for drilling rig operations
  • Perform any other duties as requested
  • Lawn mowing
  • Whipper snipping
  • Gardening
  • Rubbish Removal
  • Fencing
  • Removal of stowage for underground
  • Dust control on bottom flat
  • Repair and Installation of signs and guide posts
  • Chainsaw operations
  • General cleaning underneath conveyers at box cut
  • Weed spraying for pipelines and pump stations
  • Supply labour services for power outages
  • Installation of truck fill pumps and fill points
  • Rehabilitation of all undisturbed areas
  • All general activities as requested
  • Supply assistance for any task as requested
  • Technical trade specialists carrying out OEM servicing

Other Services

Ulan Water provides labour hire, general site maintenance, hardstand & access road construction.Our water dust suppression trucks have AFFF foam on board & fire fighting capabilities.

  • Mowing/Whipper Snipping
  • Gardening & Rubbish Removal
  • Fencing
  • Tractor/Slasher & Mulcher hire
  • All types of clearing & demolition
  • All other Earth Moving gear
  • Floating of plant and equipment