Ulan Water Pty Ltd is located in the Ulan area of Central West New South Wales and is approximately a 40 minute drive south to the township of ‘Mudgee’. We are a small but unique business. We are a supplier of drinking water as well as a water carting operation. Other services provided by us at ‘Ulan Water’ are, minor civil works, road haulage and including all types of ground maintenance such as tree removal, mowing and whipper snipping. Our workforce is trained and assessed against the national competency standards.

Drinking Water

Ulan Water is an approved drinking water supplier and carter with the NSW Health Department. Our drinking water is transported in food grade stainless tanks which is required for the supply of quality drinking water.

Mining Services

Ulan Water has a fleet of fully mine specified water trucks, mobile plant and equipment. The plant and equipment provides our team the ability to carry out dust suppression, civil works, infrastructure installation, general site maintenance, transport haulage and drilling exploration activities. We also manage, monitor and repair all dewatering systems.

Other Services

Ulan Water is also able to provide labour hire, clearing & demolition, hardstand & access road construction, tractor/slasher & mulcher hire and all fire fighting capabilities.

Ulan Water has a water cartage capabilities up to 30,000lts and is an approved drinking water supplier and carter with the NSW Food Authority.

Food Authority Acceditation/Licence No. 93896